Thursday, September 25, 2014

Lets talk about gaming tables

Everybody love to play on a nice gaming table and it's very funny to make some. Everyone can have a very good idea, nice skills, etc. But the final problem is the same. The storage. 

When you don't have a wargaming room, you could have a logistic problem very soon. I have two tables in my garage, another one in my workshop... and I need a new gaming table for Alkemy, I am lucky because with the new blitz rules, tables are smaller only 60 x 60 cm (24x24"). But I have another problem, I have no money this month. So lets talk about my solution two have two tables for less than 10 euros.

First I found a wood plate for painters, it's a really cheap solution for poor artists, just a piece of wood of 3mm with a white surface, it's 5 euros for a 24x24" plate. I bought two bags of sand for 4 euros. Deal is complete ! After that I took some pebbles, my white glue and a large brush.

My idea is to prepare a table on each surface with a flat design. Why ? Because I want to change the sceneries for each scenarios, when you prepared a very nice table full of details, resin, etc, it's engraved into stone forever, and I want to use it for other games too. 

So... cheap, quick and fast. Two sides, light and easy to put behind a piece of furniture. Period.

After this very boring speech, some pictures now and some explanations. I applied the white glue pure because this one is already a bit diluted, I applied some pebbles on the surface, I applied the sand on it. Ok very easy. After that I applied a very diluted white glue (with water) and I sprinkled the table of sand. Period. Next steep is the other side before the paint, the drybrush, pigments and matt varnish and enjoyment.

Monday, September 22, 2014

15 things which make that I am a geek and a tabletop wargamer for more than twenty years

1 - Heroquest

2 - Space crusade

3 - Donjons et catapultes

4 - Seigneurs de guerre

5 - Fantasy Warriors

6 - Defis Fantastiques

7 - Iron Maiden

8 - Warhammer jdr

9 - Monstres et merveilles

10 - Conan livre 

11 - Elric

12 - Seigneur des Anneaux

13 - Conan le Barbare

14 -  Jason et les Argonauts

15 - Stars Wars

And you ?

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Great War demo, the pictures

The demo is over, I'm back with some pictures of the day where you will find some new wargaming terrain pieces like my new shell holes with a new resin and some new barbed wire.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Great war demo, on Sunday, September 21st

2014 is the Commemorative year of the centenary of the World War I in France. With my club, the lanciers de la Garonne we organize a demonstration on Sunday, September 21st, in the city of Carbon Blanc (Gironde / France), hall Favol at 2.30. We are going to play the rule The Great War with more than 200 figurines on a big table and a with a small exhibition with historical documents or replica.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Let's talk about wargaming room

Ok, you know that wargaming room is a dream for every wargamer and I begin to dream about veeeeery seriously. In few month I will leave France and move to the States(yes i know it's a shame) and after a transition, I will be able to have a new house and obviously I wanna have a wargaming room. In my mind this room need workshops, one for paint, conversions, etc. Another one for airbrush and a last one for scenery. The room need also a big table with drawers, many, many cabinets, my hi-fi, my records, posters, my antics, minis and minis and minis and friends.

Here is some pictures of some very lucky persons and their wargaming room with a link you can follow to see more pictures.

Ok guys , let's talk about that if you want in comments.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Verdun project, fresh paint

Sunday with my club we need to do a big demonstration, with a big table around WWI with the rules from The Great War. So I need new artillery holes. More photos when job will be ended.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The only mini of this summer

I was a bit lasy this summer. I started many stuff but the Enforcer for Dreadball was the only one I finished !

Holidays are over !

Ok, holidays are over and it's time to come back to my hobby ! First afternoon for me yesterday  in my club after a long break for summer. A little Conan game with the rules of Song of blades and heroes et a little one of Blood & Steel a home made rule. I will come back soon with some news for september.