Thursday, September 25, 2014

Lets talk about gaming tables

Everybody love to play on a nice gaming table and it's very funny to make some. Everyone can have a very good idea, nice skills, etc. But the final problem is the same. The storage. 

When you don't have a wargaming room, you could have a logistic problem very soon. I have two tables in my garage, another one in my workshop... and I need a new gaming table for Alkemy, I am lucky because with the new blitz rules, tables are smaller only 60 x 60 cm (24x24"). But I have another problem, I have no money this month. So lets talk about my solution two have two tables for less than 10 euros.

First I found a wood plate for painters, it's a really cheap solution for poor artists, just a piece of wood of 3mm with a white surface, it's 5 euros for a 24x24" plate. I bought two bags of sand for 4 euros. Deal is complete ! After that I took some pebbles, my white glue and a large brush.

My idea is to prepare a table on each surface with a flat design. Why ? Because I want to change the sceneries for each scenarios, when you prepared a very nice table full of details, resin, etc, it's engraved into stone forever, and I want to use it for other games too. 

So... cheap, quick and fast. Two sides, light and easy to put behind a piece of furniture. Period.

After this very boring speech, some pictures now and some explanations. I applied the white glue pure because this one is already a bit diluted, I applied some pebbles on the surface, I applied the sand on it. Ok very easy. After that I applied a very diluted white glue (with water) and I sprinkled the table of sand. Period. Next steep is the other side before the paint, the drybrush, pigments and matt varnish and enjoyment.

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