Thursday, September 18, 2014

Let's talk about wargaming room

Ok, you know that wargaming room is a dream for every wargamer and I begin to dream about veeeeery seriously. In few month I will leave France and move to the States(yes i know it's a shame) and after a transition, I will be able to have a new house and obviously I wanna have a wargaming room. In my mind this room need workshops, one for paint, conversions, etc. Another one for airbrush and a last one for scenery. The room need also a big table with drawers, many, many cabinets, my hi-fi, my records, posters, my antics, minis and minis and minis and friends.

Here is some pictures of some very lucky persons and their wargaming room with a link you can follow to see more pictures.

Ok guys , let's talk about that if you want in comments.

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