Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Frostgrave, cards and Printer Studio

Ok ! I did it ! I bought in july a brand new game. This game is really cool, I love it. It's the mighty Frostgrave ! What a good game ! I will certainly write about it on this blog if few weeks. But today the subject is different. Frostgrave is a game where magic and spells are masters and it's really easier to use cards rather than looking all the time in a book. 

I found really nice cards on Lead Adventure, designed by a very nice person, I saved a lot of time, thank you dude ! You saved my ass, as a graphic designer, I hate using computers after a day's work.

For the first time I used Printer Studio and I want to talk about them. At the beginning I thought that I will have a nice digital print on heavy paper, period. No... their cards are amazing guys ! A really good professional finish ! And for this price ? Waaou. Follow the link to discover their services. Perfect cards !

Friday, July 17, 2015

Warcolours by Poison

He guys ! New paints  are on the market !!! Warcolours by poison are acrylics with liquid pigments like Formula 3 by Privateer Press. So you have no separation between pigments and binder. I really like Vallejo products for a while. But now I think I will maybe have some changes in my choices, because Warcolours are really, really great ! I tried only 3 colors and the result is pretty good. The dilution is perfect, with a little bit of thinner, paints are ok for airbrush. I think the dilution of those paints is between Vallejo Game Colors and Air Colors by the same brand. Washing is easy and very good, highlights, etc. They are perfectly smooth and mat.

I have only three "negative" points. The sticker / label on the bottle is not very visible, the names of paints are with no weird names, just : red 1, red 2, etc. And maybe the tones are a little too close.

So, It's a surprise but I think that Warcolours's paints are maybe the best paints I ever had in my hands. And I have a last surprise for you the price !!! 1,60 euros for a bottle of 15 ml (1,70 $). Poison is a new brand from Cyprus and their products are very super very great !!!!

Happiness is right there : http://www.warcolours.com/

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Necromunda ganges, the Redeemers

Even if i don't have my studio and my paints (I am moving to Austin Texas from France).  I can't stop !! It's not easy, because I like to have my "cave" when I am in front of my minis. But it is a good exercice to be a nomad with very few bottles of paint...

Necromunda !!! Maybe the best game in the 40k univers. So many possibilities and fun ! The background for this game is gorgeous and the rules are still super great !

My first gangers salute you !

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Painting Wargaming Figures by javier Gomez review

Few month ago I bought this book on Pen & Sword's website. It was a souscription, so when I received it, I had totally forgotten the book! So good surprise in the mail box!

I bought the book because the Perry's brothers were enthousiastic about it. It's a good book even if I am a little disappointed because I did not learn much. It's a book for beginners.

Let's talk about the book itself. 218 pages printed on a very helpful size for readers. The print is ok, full of pictures. The graphic design is fine. But as a graphic designer I would have used a different font. The Gillsans font if fine but I think the size of the font is too big, it is annoying during the reading. The book is in six parts. A preface, an introduction and three big parts : basics, colors, themes, other scales. Last point about the book... the book was printed in India. It's a shame. You have so many good many printers int the UK. India ? Really ? Shame on you.

First of all, you need to know that the book is for beginners and only for wargaming figures for massive battles such as historical big battles, Warhammer ancient or Fantasy battle, big tables. The main idea is to learn how you need to paint your figures to have a nice look on a big table with massive armies. So you will learn only basic highlights, shades, etc. Javier Gomez also talk about paints, material, bases, all around 28, 10 and 6 mm figures. The part around the skin, shields ans some other tricks are really cool.

So if you are a beginner or if you have to paint between 100 and 300 figures by spending least possible time, this book is for you. You will lear a lot to have a well painted army with a very cool general impact. If you like to read books around the hobby just for the pleasure this book is great for that. But if you are a little bit maniac like me, you must find another references. But the technique in this book is really coo to have a beautiful army on the table. The book is really cool too is you like oldschool technique and bored by complicated techniques for art shows.

I prepared a video on my You Tube channel, so you can have a taste of the book.

You can buy the book on the Pen & Sword website.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Gaming table for alkemy

It's been a while I did'nt post anything, because I am in a big transition in my life. Big moving.

Let's talk about my last work about gaming table. My gaming club asked me to make demos about the game Alkemy. But we don"t have any table in 24 x 24". So because I am a very nice person, I decided to make it. But with some restrictions. A budget of 15 euros/dollars. It's not a tutorial, just some photos about steps. 

I hope that I will be able to do some commissions for "small" terrains or skirmish gaming table and vehicules when I will in Austin in few month after my moving. The only thing I can be sure is that I am working on weekend/workshops around "how to paint vehicules for wargames" and stuff like that.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Figopedia, light and color by Jérémie Bonamant Teboul

I received the last book of Jérémie Bonamant Teboul friday and I read the book saturday afternoon, from the start to the end. So yes I liked this book !

Let’s talk about the autor. Jérémie is a painter for 20 years. I know him since 2007 I think, at this time I worked for Kraken Editions as graphic designer for the rules book of Alkemy. After that I worked with Jérémie on different projects for his DVD or Figone, he was also my guest for a convention near Bordeaux in France. We also work on two books about painting armies and painting gaming tables and stuff.  What can I say about him ? Maybe that is one of the most enthousiastic, generous and postive person I have ever met in my life. A world full of little jéremies will be a better world for sure, or a pure nightmare...eh eh!

You will be able to see the contents of the book with photos in this article. The book is all about light and color. This subject is really hard to explain and sometimes difficult to understand. But the approach of Jérémie is pretty good and understandable. I like is emotional approach. The book is not thick as an encyclopedia but you will find a lot of stuff inside and a lot of tips, a lot! If you want to be a better painter, if you want to understand more lights and colors, you need this book. Even if you are a wargamer and if you don’t want to be “very” good painter, this book is useful. The proportions between text and pictures is perfect and everything is understandable. So I recomende the book at 100 %.

About he book itself, the choice for the paper is perfect, really smooth, good thickness, the softcover is plastified, the book is stiched ! The print is perfect and the colors are gorgeous. It would simply be necessary to revise the method of dispatch maybe...

Now I’m waiting fo the next volume !

Angel Giraldez, Masterclass volume 1 review

I know Angel Giraldez only for his work and paintings. For me is a fantastic painter, especialy with the airbrush techniques. He is really  fast and has a very good technique with light and colors. So, few month ago, I when heard about his book, I knew that I had to have it to improve my technique and have good tips, even if i don’t really like the Infinity universe. Now i have the book in front of me and I can say that it’s a very good book!

So I will talk about the book as a miniatures painter, un costumer, a graphic designer, photographer, editor and a professionel of the offset print technique. I will talk about “what we can found in the book” and “the book as object”.

The book begins with an introduction by the autor. After that the book is split in 4 parts : Method, techniques, Masterclass  and gallery.

Inside the method part, Angel talk about his technique in general, it’s a very good introduction about his work. After that he talks about products, I am a big user of Vallejo products, so it wasn’t a real discovery, but it’s a nice part. At the end he presents some tips and some of them are very good and once again I learnt new stuff !

For the second part, he talks about some techiques as, non metallic metal, stippling, washing, points of light and glazes. I don’t like non metallic metal technique, it’s not my cup of tea, but as always i will try because it’s often when you try something you don’t like that we can progress ! The stippling part was very interesting.

In the masterclass part, you can find 11 masterclasses. It’s a hudge part of the book. And a very good one.

The end of the book is a gallery of miniatures. Look at  them is a good motivation…

I didn’t read yet all the masterclasses, but I can have a good idea of the book. By my experience, professional or not. I can say that this book is a massive and hudge work, and it’s a very good one. All the energy of Angel is in the book and his intention is reached. All steps during the masterclasses are clear and pretty detailed and if you like photos… don’t worry about, the book is full of them.

So can I say to a friend, “Go now and buy this book, you need it” ?. My answer is yes. If you like minis, if you want to discover the airbrush technique, if you want to learn and be better, yes you need the book ! My only regret maybe is the approach of angel, maybe too much technical and mathematical, I miss emotion and feeling. For all masterclasses, Angel starts with an introduction about the mini itself, it’s interresting, but why not talk about more the approch in globality, maybe talking about light and colors theories. It’s a succession of : I take that, I do that, I have that.

Now about the book itself, it’s a big disappointment. And now I will only speak with my professionnal point of view. Nothing personnal.

The weight and the quality of the paper is a bit light and the paper take humidity a lot. And I have the impression to have more a magazine in my hands than a book. And the book is expensive... But I also know that, when you are alone to edit a book it’s very expensive and difficult. On the other hand, the book is stitched ! That is very important, because with only the glue, it’s a mess ! The print quality is not very good. The inking is too dense, so the black is too black and it’s not good for contrast ans saturation. Ink smell a lot, so i don’t think they are “green” inks… You have powder between pages, it’s a powder to avoid accident between pages and ink but normaly this powder is draw up. The worst is the aligment of colors, it is missed in the book. In offset technique you need to print the cyan and the magenta, the yellow and the black. And you need a very good aligment between this colors. I have a glass magnifier for printers and I can see this problem by my eyes but I checked with my magnifier and I had the confirmation.

About the photos, the camera has dust on the sensor. So you see black soft spots on photos. Sometimes you need to clean the sensor with the help of an professionnal to avoid this problem.

You can forget this last part of my review because I really like books and the techniques to make them and because I work in this industry. And if it had been me I would have verify at the printer. in this case for me it’s a new print or a reduction of the price. Because aligment of colors is the base...

But these details shall not prevent you from taking plaisure of the book !!!!! And once again, it’s a professionnal point of view. This book is gorgeous for painters and a fantastic successfull conclusion for Angel Giraldez and his work. Buy it !

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Fresh air on the blog

New design and new banner for the blog since this morning ! I'm looking for new collaborators for this blog, so if you like painting, sculpting, writing, the door is open.

New homemade marmelade WWII set of rules

Some news around this homemade set of rules maybe very soon.

Monday, February 16, 2015