Sunday, March 15, 2015

Figopedia, light and color by Jérémie Bonamant Teboul

I received the last book of Jérémie Bonamant Teboul friday and I read the book saturday afternoon, from the start to the end. So yes I liked this book !

Let’s talk about the autor. Jérémie is a painter for 20 years. I know him since 2007 I think, at this time I worked for Kraken Editions as graphic designer for the rules book of Alkemy. After that I worked with Jérémie on different projects for his DVD or Figone, he was also my guest for a convention near Bordeaux in France. We also work on two books about painting armies and painting gaming tables and stuff.  What can I say about him ? Maybe that is one of the most enthousiastic, generous and postive person I have ever met in my life. A world full of little jéremies will be a better world for sure, or a pure eh!

You will be able to see the contents of the book with photos in this article. The book is all about light and color. This subject is really hard to explain and sometimes difficult to understand. But the approach of Jérémie is pretty good and understandable. I like is emotional approach. The book is not thick as an encyclopedia but you will find a lot of stuff inside and a lot of tips, a lot! If you want to be a better painter, if you want to understand more lights and colors, you need this book. Even if you are a wargamer and if you don’t want to be “very” good painter, this book is useful. The proportions between text and pictures is perfect and everything is understandable. So I recomende the book at 100 %.

About he book itself, the choice for the paper is perfect, really smooth, good thickness, the softcover is plastified, the book is stiched ! The print is perfect and the colors are gorgeous. It would simply be necessary to revise the method of dispatch maybe...

Now I’m waiting fo the next volume !

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  1. Merci pour la review !

    le contenu semble génial, je pensais que c'était une ré-édition du Grand Livre.

    Quel est le thème du volume 2 ?