Sunday, June 14, 2015

Painting Wargaming Figures by javier Gomez review

Few month ago I bought this book on Pen & Sword's website. It was a souscription, so when I received it, I had totally forgotten the book! So good surprise in the mail box!

I bought the book because the Perry's brothers were enthousiastic about it. It's a good book even if I am a little disappointed because I did not learn much. It's a book for beginners.

Let's talk about the book itself. 218 pages printed on a very helpful size for readers. The print is ok, full of pictures. The graphic design is fine. But as a graphic designer I would have used a different font. The Gillsans font if fine but I think the size of the font is too big, it is annoying during the reading. The book is in six parts. A preface, an introduction and three big parts : basics, colors, themes, other scales. Last point about the book... the book was printed in India. It's a shame. You have so many good many printers int the UK. India ? Really ? Shame on you.

First of all, you need to know that the book is for beginners and only for wargaming figures for massive battles such as historical big battles, Warhammer ancient or Fantasy battle, big tables. The main idea is to learn how you need to paint your figures to have a nice look on a big table with massive armies. So you will learn only basic highlights, shades, etc. Javier Gomez also talk about paints, material, bases, all around 28, 10 and 6 mm figures. The part around the skin, shields ans some other tricks are really cool.

So if you are a beginner or if you have to paint between 100 and 300 figures by spending least possible time, this book is for you. You will lear a lot to have a well painted army with a very cool general impact. If you like to read books around the hobby just for the pleasure this book is great for that. But if you are a little bit maniac like me, you must find another references. But the technique in this book is really coo to have a beautiful army on the table. The book is really cool too is you like oldschool technique and bored by complicated techniques for art shows.

I prepared a video on my You Tube channel, so you can have a taste of the book.

You can buy the book on the Pen & Sword website.

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