Friday, July 17, 2015

Warcolours by Poison

He guys ! New paints  are on the market !!! Warcolours by poison are acrylics with liquid pigments like Formula 3 by Privateer Press. So you have no separation between pigments and binder. I really like Vallejo products for a while. But now I think I will maybe have some changes in my choices, because Warcolours are really, really great ! I tried only 3 colors and the result is pretty good. The dilution is perfect, with a little bit of thinner, paints are ok for airbrush. I think the dilution of those paints is between Vallejo Game Colors and Air Colors by the same brand. Washing is easy and very good, highlights, etc. They are perfectly smooth and mat.

I have only three "negative" points. The sticker / label on the bottle is not very visible, the names of paints are with no weird names, just : red 1, red 2, etc. And maybe the tones are a little too close.

So, It's a surprise but I think that Warcolours's paints are maybe the best paints I ever had in my hands. And I have a last surprise for you the price !!! 1,60 euros for a bottle of 15 ml (1,70 $). Poison is a new brand from Cyprus and their products are very super very great !!!!

Happiness is right there :

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