Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Frostgrave, cards and Printer Studio

Ok ! I did it ! I bought in july a brand new game. This game is really cool, I love it. It's the mighty Frostgrave ! What a good game ! I will certainly write about it on this blog if few weeks. But today the subject is different. Frostgrave is a game where magic and spells are masters and it's really easier to use cards rather than looking all the time in a book. 

I found really nice cards on Lead Adventure, designed by a very nice person, I saved a lot of time, thank you dude ! You saved my ass, as a graphic designer, I hate using computers after a day's work.

For the first time I used Printer Studio and I want to talk about them. At the beginning I thought that I will have a nice digital print on heavy paper, period. No... their cards are amazing guys ! A really good professional finish ! And for this price ? Waaou. Follow the link to discover their services. Perfect cards !