Thursday, March 31, 2016

Massive Voodoo Mad Max contest WIP

Massive voodoo Mad Max contest. WIP. Of course I am super late on my planning... But I have to put my clients before...

So assembly the car... this kit is very fragile, and parts, parts, parts... Give me a Land Raider please !

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Solar Auxilia Showcase by Paint or Die Miniatures

Ok ! The video about the commission I did for them is online ! Matthew did a video of 5 mn about my job for them. So have a look and please like the video.


My eyes are dead... Can't focus anymore on details... But ! I don't like to waste my time, so I gonna work on my undead army for Kings of War. I don't need details for this wave of miniatures.
I need troops... I have a lot of regiments, hordes... So I said to myself. Let's go for more skeletons... The Wargame factory are sold out everywhere... Warlord games are supposed to distribute those since october 2015...
I don't have the money for that anyway... I changed my mind and I gonna do, wraith, because they are cool and nasty ! I have a lot of viking bondi and saxons from Wargame factory. I gonna use them to do my wraith. Free and I can have fun with my airbrush and keep my eyes safe...
This minis from Wargame factory are very bad very bad about accurency and history... I mean vikings with horns on helmets... You can see that only during the olympics or in a bad bad movie. Celts and vikings haven't horns on helmets !!!!
But this minis are perfect for fantasy and I can play with poses to tell a short story with this two units. Wait and see, maybe I gonna do that for tonight.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Massive voodoo Mad Max contest WIP

Ok the deadline is extended!!!! And this news is good for me! I gonna talk of my work about it only on this Facebook page and on my blog. I have a Ford victoria from 1932 for model kit, the scale is 1/25. For now I have only one big principal idea. To be loyal to the spirit of the last movie, to do some conversions but nothing crazy in term of quantity. So... my first big reflexion was to think about the base. Because basing is an important part and fun! But I have a big issue this month. I don't have much money for that. I mean I can't buy a rectangle wood base for $40 or even $20. So as always I tried to have creative ideas at maximum. So first reflexion I have to be loyal to the movie even for the base. I want something different, I want something easy to do, and I want to be the only one having this idea... So the base will be in metal, a rusty and raw piece of metal. My first intention was to dwell different parts to work on levels on to put some bolts on the corner as base legs. But in front of the parts with Roland who helped me, we had two important ideas. First Roland said to me, you don't have to dwell the parts, just drill holes and put your bolts. Great ! And my last thought was to put the holes in the center. Like this the bolts gonna be hide by the car and the base looks like a -floating table. Some pictures now, with the different steps and the final result before paint, etc. And you know when I saw the metal sparks and I smelt the odor of hot metal. I knew I was in the movie spirit! Witness !!!!