Wednesday, March 16, 2016


My eyes are dead... Can't focus anymore on details... But ! I don't like to waste my time, so I gonna work on my undead army for Kings of War. I don't need details for this wave of miniatures.
I need troops... I have a lot of regiments, hordes... So I said to myself. Let's go for more skeletons... The Wargame factory are sold out everywhere... Warlord games are supposed to distribute those since october 2015...
I don't have the money for that anyway... I changed my mind and I gonna do, wraith, because they are cool and nasty ! I have a lot of viking bondi and saxons from Wargame factory. I gonna use them to do my wraith. Free and I can have fun with my airbrush and keep my eyes safe...
This minis from Wargame factory are very bad very bad about accurency and history... I mean vikings with horns on helmets... You can see that only during the olympics or in a bad bad movie. Celts and vikings haven't horns on helmets !!!!
But this minis are perfect for fantasy and I can play with poses to tell a short story with this two units. Wait and see, maybe I gonna do that for tonight.

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