Sunday, December 4, 2016

Paint or Die Miniatures painting studio v6 !

Moving in a new house is always exciting, especially when you are owner for the first time. It's also the time to think about your new painting studio. This time I am not outside into a shed but in a room with a normal heater and air conditioner. Especially in Texas during spring and summer...
When I see through the window with this rainy day of december, I can believe, I am still in France.
Yes I have windows, 4 big windows, for painting it's very important to have light in your painting studio.
I am lucky enough to have two dressings with all miniatures boxes inside, terrain, sceneries and painting material.
I am near my computer and a good bookcase and I am surrounded by art, Les Edwards, John Blanche...
My bench is in two parts, a clean area for paint and the other for messy stuff. All my airbrush are now on the bench and I have all drawers I need when I am working. 
I am pretty happy, next time I will have a gaming... Will see what the future brings!