I am currently accepting commissions. For miniatures, gaming tables and terrains.


Because of the specialized, custom nature of what I do, I have very strict policy... I am not a machine and you ask me for art, don't expect a fast food service.
I ask for a deposit  before starting a project. It’s the half of the total price. There are no refunds if you changed your mind after payment.
All sales are final. Take a good look at the pics before to say yes.

Contact Inquiries / Phone : on request


Prompt communication is very important. You are welcome to initiate contact I am always glad to hear from you.

Purchasing the Models, bases and movement trays

I don’t provide models, movement trays and bases, you will be responsible for the costs of shipping them to me. I accept models shipped directly from a retailer.


If you assembly the models yourself, I can’t paint your minis. But feel free to send me pictures, who knows!


I need a reasonable time and I don't accept deadlines.


I accept Paypal only ask me for details or GW gift cards in some occasions.

Liability and shipping

I use USPS priority mail with insurance or UPS for international deliveries. When the carrier has the package it’s out of my jurisdiction. The shipping is at your charge. Each figure is protected separatly, large, fragile, or unusual models are packed in a smaller box goes in the larger main box.

You can see videos of my work on my You Tube channel here.